[PAST EVENT] "The Evolution of the Chinese Internet" Book Talk by Professor Shaohua Guo

November 30, 2021
2pm - 3:20pm
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  • Open to the public
Professor Shaohua Guo

Professor Shaohua Guo will speak on her new book, just published by Stanford University Press last December, titled The Evolution of the Chinese Internet: Creative Visibility in the Digital Public. The Evolution of the Chinese Internet traces the emergence and maturation of one of the most creative digital cultures in the world through four major technological platforms: the bulletin board system, the blog, the microblog, and WeChat. Guo transcends typical binaries of freedom and control, to argue that Chinese Internet culture displays a uniquely sophisticated interplay between multiple extremes, and that its vibrancy is dependent on these complex negotiations. In contrast to the flourishing of research findings on what is made invisible online, this book examines the driving mechanisms that grant visibility to particular kinds of user-generated content. Offering a systematic account of how and why an ingenious Internet culture has been able to thrive, Guo highlights the pivotal roles that media institutions, technological platforms, and creative practices of Chinese netizens have played in shaping culture on- and offline. Professor Guo is Associate Professor of Chinese at Carleton College. This talk is presented as part of the Asian Centennial COLL 300 speaker series for Professor Emily Wilcox's course CHIN 220: Chinese Popular Culture.