[PAST EVENT] Stepping Stones: A New Student Transition Series

June 28, 2021 - August 5, 2021
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Stepping Stones are a series of workshop sessions created with the intention of easing incoming students into life as a college student within the W&M community.

Each of the six (6) session centers on a topic noted as being "of concern" by incoming students via their New Student Inventory. Student can register via TribeLink for either the live session on Tuesday or the pre-recorded event with live facilitation on Thursdays. 

    Session 1: Setting Goals & Demystifying the University Syllabi 

    Session 2: Week of July 4: Time Management & Organization

    Session 3: Week of July 12: Learning Styles

    Session 4: Week of July 19: Majors & Career Development

    Session 5: Week of July 26: Conflict Management 

    Session 6: Week of August 2: Building Healthy Relationships

The recorded sessions will be posted and available on the STEP website upon the completion of each topical week. Students can also refer to their New Student Hot Topic emails for RSVP information.