Rough Seas to Smooth Sailing: Creating a Culture of Collective Wellness in an Ocean of Uncertainty

June 21, 2022
1pm - 4pm

In these rough seas, as the captain, it could be tempting to jump a sinking ship. Together, we will explore practices and strategies to create a culture of wellness within your classroom to stay afloat. This three hour, virtual session will help you become unsinkable and will include:

  • Understanding of the stress cycle and impact of collective trauma
  • Wellness strategies for the classroom
  • Personal wellness strategies
  • Opportunities to collaborate, process, and practice
  • Time to action plan

Whether you are the captain of a classroom, school, or ship, embrace our nautical theme and register to join our crew as we navigate these rocky waters toward calmer seas. Upon completion of the virtual session, each attendee will receive, in the mail, a treasure chest of goodies to help you chart your course for a smooth school year.