[PAST EVENT] Decolonization is not a Metaphor: Decolonizing Humanities and MLL Faculty Discussion

February 11, 2021
3:30pm - 5pm
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Nat Turner Slave Rebellion
Nat Turner Slave Rebellion

Decolonizing Humanities and the Department of Modern Language and Literature’s Bellini Lecture Series have organized a semester long workshop examining how coloniality, settler-colonialism, and decoloniality within “North American” and global context intersect with teaching and learning at William & Mary. We will explore how our various positions function to ensure settler-colonial, capitalist, white-supremacist and cis-heteronormative patriarchal futures.

Thursday Feb. 18, 330-5pm:

Decolonization is not a Metaphor

 Faculty Discussion, Zoom.


Eve Tuck and K. Wayne Yang. “Decolonisation is Not a Metaphor, Decolonisation: Indigeneity, Education & Society, Vol. 1, no. 1(2012)

Patrick Wolfe, “Settler Colonialism and the Elimination of the Native,” Journal of Genocide Research Vol. 8. No. 4, (Dec), 2006; 387-409.

Open to Faculty (Students welcome but must contact Prof. Stephen Sheehi)


Stephen Sheehi, [[spsheehi]]