[PAST EVENT] Boswell Initiative: "Creating, Presenting, and Living Social [Queer] Identities"

October 18, 2020
3pm - 4pm
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Professor Jay Watkins (History, American Studies) presents "Creating, Presenting, and Living Social Identities: Belonging within the Queer Community." Participants will learn about defending, adopting, and living social identities – specifically "queerness." What does the process of acculturation look like in the queer community? What are the implications of trying to build community within one's multiple identities? And what kind of power dynamics are at play when subcultures interact with the dominant culture? An audience Q&A with Professor Watkins will follow. 

This event is a revised and expanded version of Professor Watkins' talk on September 29. Presented by the Boswell Initiative in lieu of the Boswell Lecture this year.

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Meeting ID: 948 9741 3666