[PAST EVENT] Chinese Major Forum

February 27, 2014
2pm - 6pm
Integrated Science Center (ISC), Room 1127
540 Landrum Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
The keynote speaker Professor Rey Chow (Anne Firor Scott Professor of Literature, Duke University) will be speaking on Chinglish (Chinese English!). Her talk will be followed by the Chinese majors' presentations of their senior projects.

Rachel Faith -- Male Cosmetics Advertisement
Linda Baysore -- Peng Liyuan (China's first lady)
Carly O'Connell -- Qipao
Sara Rock -- Dogs
Alex Comerford -- Su Zizi's Photography and China's Sexual Awakening
Tyler Brent -- Cooperative Marriage between Chinese gay men and lesbians
Danny Otto -- Sex and Sexuality in Post-Socialist China
DaShon Douglas - Gender, Reality, Fantasy in Go! Lala Go! (Film)
Megan Wells -- Tattoo Cultures in China
David Bales - Thames Town in Shanghai's Suburbs
Lincoln Park -- Confucianism and Kung-fu Cinema

[[kchui, Calvin Hui]], Assistant Professor of Chinese Studies