[PAST EVENT] Visual Cultures of East Asia Lecture Series (Weihong Bao)

October 31, 2014
12pm - 1:30pm
James Blair Hall, Room 205
250 James Blair Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
The Lecture looks at Chinese espionage films during the Second World War to tackle cultural constructions of secrecy that continues to concern us today. It focuses on secrecy as the central trope of information congealing the dynamic relationship between the code, the gendered body, and media technology. To historicize the mutual dependence between secrecy and the two bodily mediums -- the human body and media technology, it locates Chinese wartime espionage films in a transnational media culture where a new humanity was entertained around the spy as a new type of person. The secret war battles around changing perceptions of gender and humanity entangled with the promise and pitfalls of technologically mediated perception.

Professor Xin Wu, Art & Art History