[PAST EVENT] 3rd Annual Sustainability Summit: Water!

November 7, 2015
9am - 2pm
Alan B. Miller Hall (Business School), Brinkley Room
101 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
The Sustainability Summit is geared toward giving students the inspiration and ability to be more aware of the sustainability issues around them and how they can make an impact. All attendees should be able to leave with an ability to instigate some change in their own personal lives or be able to participate in a project working towards sustainability in some way. The theme this year is water, and will include variety of perspectives in the marine and aquatic sciences and careers.

Breakfast and lunch are FREE! Registration is also free. The link is above.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Chris Symons, is a marine geologist who worked on the DEEPSEA CHALLENGE exploration. {{http://education.nationalgeographic.com/news/real-world-geography-dr-christina-symons/, Here is her Nat Geo bio.}}

If you are a student organization or student researcher interested in displaying a project geared towards water sustainability at the summit, please contact Liz Jacobs or Anna Klompen.

Jessica Evans [[e|erjacob]] or Anna Klompen [[e|amklompen]]