[PAST EVENT] Study Abroad Funding Forum

September 16, 2016
4pm - 5pm
Washington Hall, Room 201
241 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

The Global Education Office's goal is to make study abroad affordable for all W&M students. Thanks to the generosity of private donors, we offer an impressive range of need-based scholarships for W&M programs, and we award more than $400,000 each year in study abroad scholarships. Additionally, you may qualify for a number of national scholarships. Most study abroad organizations also offer scholarships for their programs. If you have financial need, do not let that stop you from studying overseas! Take a look at our range of scholarships, or come talk to our advisors about scholarship opportunities.  Additionally, if you currently receive financial aid (grants, scholarships, and loans), some or all of it can be applied to your study abroad.