[PAST EVENT] Chinese Language: Its past and present

November 9, 2017
5pm - 6:20pm
McGlothlin-Street Hall, Room 20
251 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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  • Open to the public

Professor Hongming Zhang?s lecture will introduce knowledge of Chinese language including
its writing system, evolution of the language, dialectal variations, language neighbors, morphology, syntax of the modern standard colloquial language, and historical and philological aspects.  

Professor Hongming Zhang first received his BA & MA in Chinese from Fudan University, and then got his MA & Ph.D. in linguistics from UC-San Diego. Prior to joining the faculty of UW-Madison in 1994, he taught at Fudan (1984-87), San Diego Mesa College (1990-92), and National University of Singapore (1992-94). He is now a professor and the director of Chinese Language & Linguistics Program at UW-Madison, Chair Professor of the Global Experts Recruitment Program (2015), Chang Jiang Scholar Chair Professor (2009), Chern Shiing-shen Chair Professor (2006), and the honorary director of Linguistics Institute at Nankai University in China. He also served the International Association of Chinese Linguistics as its executive secretary for 15 years (1999-2014), and now is the executive editor of International Journal of Chinese Linguistics, the series editor of Routledge Studies in Chinese Linguistics, and the editor of the volume of Phonology and Poetic Prosody of The Encyclopedia of China (3rd edition) as well. His research interests include prosodic phonology, language change, rules/forms of classical poetic composition, and second language acquisition. The books that he has published include Syntax-Phonology Interface: Argumentation from Tone Sandhi in Chinese Dialects (2017), Tonal Prosody in Yongming Style Poems (2015), Linguistics in China (two volumes, 2010 & 2014), Linguistics and its Application in Language Teaching (2003), Grammata Serica Recensa (1997), etc. His recent published journal articles and book chapters include "Chinese Linguistics in North America", in Encyclopedia of Chinese Language and Linguistics, vol. 1, Brill (2017); ?On the Origin of Chinese Tonal Prosody: Argumentation from a Case Study of Shen Yue?s Poems?, in The Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, vol. 2, No. 2 (2015); ?A New Approach to Chinese Poetic Prosody: the Case of Pair-wise Tonal Contrasts in Three Yongming Collections?, in Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews, vol. 37 (2015); ?Middle Chinese Phonology and Qieyun?, in The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Linguistics (2015).


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