[PAST EVENT] Leadership and Diversity in the 21st Century: How Identity Matters

February 15, 2018
6pm - 7:30pm
Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium
200 Stadium Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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  • Open to the public
Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington

We live in an increasingly diverse and complex world. Leaders need to deepen their awareness, knowledge and skills in order to be effective. Leaders are often expected to know how to manage and engage all types of people and situations; however, we know this is hard to do.

"Effective leaders know themselves?. This statement is one that you will often hear at leadership conferences, in leadership classes and in leadership literature. This statement is often thought of in terms of styles, preferences, strengths and challenge areas. While these things are very important as we develop our leadership identities, it is also important that we consider how our social identities inform and impact our abilities to be effective leaders. Rev. Dr. Washington will invite us to consider what it means to ?Know Ourselves? as we lead in the 21st century. This session is designed to provide the tools and concepts for greater success.

Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington is the President & Founder of the Washington Consulting Group (WCG). Dr.  Washington is the President and a Founder of the Social Justice Training Institute and the Vice President and President Elect of the American College Personnel Association. He has also been an educator, administrator, and consultant in higher education for over 33 years. 

This event is sponsored by the Center for Student Diversity, Alma Mater Productions (AMP), and Office of Student Leadership Development. Please join us for this exciting opportunity to hear him speak!


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