[PAST EVENT] Panel Discussion: "When Chinese Cinema Meets the World? 

February 16, 2018
2pm - 3pm
Screening Room
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Please join us in a panel discussion on "When Chinese Cinema Meets the World."

Dr. Jessica Chan and Dr. Lily Wong will discuss when Chinese cinema meets the world in different historical junctures and of different aesthetic implications. 

Chair: Dr. Chun-yu Lu, Visiting Assistant Professor, William & Mary

Dr. Jessica Ka Yee Chan (Assistant Professor, University of Richmond)
 "The Screen Kiss in Shanghai Cinema of the 1930s"

Dr. Chan traces the genealogy and gender politics of the screen kiss in Shanghai cinema of the 1930s and the ways in which the close-up, translated into Chinese as ?big face,? generated a new consciousness of the female face and the screen kiss. The period from the 1910s to the 1930s witnessed an influx of imported Hollywood films and international film theories in semi-colonial Shanghai. By the 1930s, the circulation of images of Hollywood screen kiss in semi-colonial Shanghai triggered erotic imagination, comparison with Hollywood norms, and most importantly the desire to appropriate, if not to reproduce, the Hollywood screen kiss. The transition to sound offered unprecedented possibilities of visualizing and orchestrating romantic or even sexual kisses, accommodating both entertainment and pedagogical functions of cinema and inscribing a new kind of gender politics at a critical moment of national crisis.? 

Dr. Lily Wong (Assistant Professor, American University)  
"Chinese-Language Cinema Beyond the Chinese Nation-State and Chinese Diaspora" 

Chinese-language cinema?s increased visibility in global film circuits has created new filmic sites and visual practices that engage in complex constructions of ?China? in relation to ?the World.? This talk will examine Chinese-language cinema?s impact beyond the Chinese nation-state and the Chinese diaspora. It will address minor-transnational forms of aesthetic localization, mediation, and mutation that emerge through Chinese-language cinema?s global circulation.

This event is sponsored by Confucius Institute at W&M as a part of 2018 W&M Global Film Festival.


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