[PAST EVENT] Neotopia: Technology and Humanity

October 10, 2017
Alan B. Miller Hall (Business School), Brinkley Commons
101 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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  • Open to the public
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Should we fear AI? Or is it our long awaited chance to be superhuman? How should we come to terms with the coming age that is already here in the form of the buzzing cognitive revolution? This is the story of a woman who is taking a rather unusual journey into the techno world. As the founder and director of Art Center Nabi, a media art center based in Seoul, Korea, she has been in the leading edge of 'humanizing' technology, while working with robotics, AI, and big data. She will talk about how we can make technology serve humanity, not vice versa.

Soh Yeong Roh ?84 works at the intersection of art and technology as director of Art Center Nabi. She also teaches at Seoul National University.

Through Art Center Nabi, Soh Yeong Roh has produced, exhibited and critiqued various kinds of digital art. Following her interest in robotics and human emotions, the Nabi Lab has also produced various types of ?emotional? robots.

Soh Yeong studied economics at William & Mary and did graduate work in economics at Chicago University. She gained a master?s degree in education from Stanford University, and then did graduate study in media communication at Yonsei University, Seoul. Soh Yeong teaches at Seoul National University, and she is on the board of the Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology and the Nam Jun Paik Museum.

She is the author of several books including This is Media Art and Digital Art.