[PAST EVENT] Alumni Webinar: Myths and Misconceptions About Virtual Work

April 12, 2017
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Raymond A. Mason School of Business

Alumni Webinar


Myths and Misconceptions About Virtual Work:

What you can do to improve your chances of success


Presented by Jeanne Wilson

Brooks George Professor of Organizational Behavior

Close to 80% of employees report that they work in dispersed teams most of the time. Unfortunately, effective management practice hasn?t kept up with the spread of this form of organizing. Organizations waste millions of dollars implementing systems that don?t effectively support virtual work and ignore easy practices that would actually help. We will dispatch some of the most prevalent myths and recommend easy-to-implement best practices.


Participants will:

? Learn about 3 big myths that persist in the management of virtual workers

? Leave with 4 practical tips they can use to better support their virtual workers and teams



April 12, 2017

Noon EDT

Register here: http://www.my1693.com/event/webinarvirtualwork  

The link to this webinar will be sent to those who register on April 11th.

This webinar is open to all W&M alumni.

Jeanne Wilson received her Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior/Theory from Carnegie Mellon University. Her research focuses on new organizational forms, particularly distributed work groups. She just finished a year-long longitudinal study of the development of trust, cooperation and performance in co-located and distributed teams at a multinational bank. She is also involved in ongoing studies of knowledge transfer in teams that cross organizational boundaries, attributions about performance in international project teams, and the development of shared mental models in software development teams. This work is supported by grants from the CitiGroup Behavioral Science Research Council, the Carnegie Bosch Institute, and the National Science Foundation. Prior to returning to pursue a Ph.D., Jeanne spent thirteen years in consulting, including a stint as a vice president for organizational change consulting. Her clients included Saturn, Unisys, Subaru-Isuzu, Becton-Dickinson, International Paper and GenCorp. During this time, Jeanne published four books for practicing managers, two of which were business best sellers.


Areas of Interest/Expertise

? The effects of distance on work relationships

? Virtual organizations

? Shared mental models in teams


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