[PAST EVENT] Renaissance Thinker, Revolutionary Leader

September 27, 2017
6pm - 8pm
Washington Center
901 4th St, NW, Suite 700
Washington, DC 20001Map this location
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Professor James Olver?s teaching hinges on the concept of a ?wicked problem? - or a problem with an unknowable set of potential solutions, no necessary agreement on the nature of the problem itself and no way to know with absolute certainty that the chosen solution is the best.

When he and others launched the Online MBA, the intention was to prepare students for the challenges of a modern business environment that is searingly dynamic. He emphasizes the need for modern day thinkers and leaders to possess a breadth of knowledge, rich communications skills, and a strong aptitude toward critical thinking and creative problem-solving. He equips students with the skills needed to deliver innovative, effective, and even elegant solutions.

Join Professor Olver and learn more about what is called ?Design Thinking? or adaptive, creative, problem solving and our Online MBA Program.