[PAST EVENT] Anthropology Brown Bag: The Ceramic Assemblage from Stanford Arboretum Chinese Labor Quarters

March 24, 2021
12pm - 1pm
woman, bricks, dirt, hole

Megan Victor of Queen College is part of Stanford’s Arboretum Chinese Labor Quarters (ACLQ) Project which seeks to use archaeological evidence, alongside documentary and oral historical data, to better understand the daily lives of the Chinese workers at Leland Stanford’s Palo Alto Stock Farm and, later, at Stanford University. These laborers planted every Palm on the University’s iconic Palm Drive, dug campus landmarks such as the Oval and Lake Lagunita, and planted the beloved Arizona Garden, Arboretum, and the gardens and orchards of the University’s Main Quadrangle. The ACLQ site was occupied from the early 1880s through 1925 and represents one of at least four residences for Chinese workers on Stanford lands. In excavating the location where these historic workers spent their non-working hours, this research can speak to their daily activities more completely. During the 2019 excavation season, the boundaries of a large purpose-dug kitchen midden pit were located, and the feature was excavated out as much as possible. This talk presents an overview of the first data recovery excavation season at the ACLQ site and then discusses several findings from an initial analysis of the ceramic assemblage, including the presence of both Overseas Chinese and Euro-American vessels, a larger proportion of hollowware vessels over tableware vessels, and refined white earthenwares with evidence of heavy use wear.

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