[PAST EVENT] Virtual FitWell Class: GYROKINESIS® with Maz

August 15, 2020
10am - 11am
Virtual Health & Wellness

Enjoy Gyrokinesis Live on Zoom!

The GYROKINESIS® Method is a movement system that enables individuals to gain more awareness of their body in space. This allows for increased freedom of movement through guidance in a series of exercises. These exercises use elements of breath, increasing blood flow in the body and attention to the posture of one's body. This class will serve as an introduction to GYROKINESIS® movement, with no prior experience required. Equipment required is a chair or stool with no wheels, on which you can sit on with planted feet. Maz is a certified GYROKINESIS® apprentice and has been practicing GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® for 5 years. Her professional dance background introduced her to the GYROKINESIS® method to gain a deeper understanding of her body, and build strength. At William & Mary, Maz is continuing her ongoing exploration of the human body with a degree in Kinesiology & Health Sciences.  

The class will be available via this link: https://cwm.zoom.us/j/92070379327

You don't have to have the Zoom app, but we encourage you to download it. W&M students, faculty and staff members all have access to Zoom Pro, search ZOOM here for more information.  

There will not be music, so feel free to listen to your own.


  • Participants should join the class 5-10 minutes before the start time.
  • When you join, you'll be put in a waiting room until the instructor adds you to the class. There will be time before the class to chat with other patrons or the instructor, if you'd like. The instructor will continue adding people to the class until the scheduled start time.
  • At the start of class, the instructor will mute all patrons and begin recording. The recording is ONLY of the instructor, NOT of any patrons or any patron's names. We are recording to build our virtual Health & Wellness class options, available anytime on YouTube.
  • If you have a question or are having difficulties during the class then you can utilize the chat feature to privately message the instructor or the class
  • At the end of class, the instructor will stop the recording and unmute you so you can ask questions or chat.

At this time we are aiming for AWESOME, NOT PERFECT! Please be patient with your instructor as we adapt to this new platform for classes.