[PAST EVENT] Deborah R. Fabian '71, M.D. & Leslie H. Fabian, LICSW

November 7, 2013
7pm - 8:30pm
Tucker Hall, Auditorium
350 James Blair Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Deborah and Leslie Fabian are an orthopedic surgeon and a clinical social worker who've been married since 1991. They've survived Deborah's transition from David intact and relatively unscathed. This is a testament to their deep love and the desire that each be true to herself. Their continued existence as a loving, married couple seems to have hinged on their ability to withstand the uncertainty of how the transition would affect their relationship.

From earliest memory, David Fabian had a strong desire to be female, though it was always clear to him that he was, biologically, male. The yearning to be a girl, then a woman, never abated for long, despite clandestine cross-dressing for years. In his late 30s, David emerged more publicly as a cross-dresser, yet he remained frustrated and ashamed of this proclivity. Ultimately, in 2009, he and Leslie both realized that transitioning and living as Deborah was the only solution to the depression and longing of 60 years.

Deborah has existed, full-time, since 2011, and is experiencing the joy and fulfillment that had eluded David for decades. The Fabians continue to adjust to the changes in their lives with loving, ease and grace. They welcome the opportunity to enlighten others regarding this unusual situation, and Leslie is nearing completion of a book entitled My Husband's a Woman Now: A Shared Journey of Transition and Love.

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