[PAST EVENT] Byzantine Painting in the Contemporary Arts World

June 11, 2024
7pm - 8pm
Williamsburg Regional Library
Access & Features
  • Open to the public
George Kordis in his studio.

As part of a residency at the Muscarelle, the world-renowned Greek artist and iconographer Dr. George Kordis will present a public lecture entitled “Byzantine Painting in the Contemporary Arts World.”

Dr. George Kordis artistically renders biblical themes and persons of Christianity in his icons through a sensitive balance of rhythm and light, conveying a radiant and harmonious presence gifted through time and space. Dedicated to equipping the next generation of artists and iconographers, Dr. Kordis’s teaching is an important part of his life work which simultaneously includes making large-scale iconographic work for churches and presenting regular exhibitions in galleries and museums internationally.

This free, public lecture will present a dialogue on the connections between the time-honored Byzantine art tradition and its relationship in the modern context.

The lecture will take place in the theatre of the Williamsburg Regional Library at 515 Scotland Street. Parking is available adjacent to the library or in the parking deck at 415 N. Boundary Street.

Sponsored by: Muscarelle Museum of Art


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