[PAST EVENT] Foundation Semester Team Launch

January 20, 2017
All day
Alan B. Miller Hall (Business School), Brinkley Commons
101 Ukrop Way
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
One of the first significant days in the life of a Mason School of Business student, is the team launch and the revelation of team assignments. During the Integrated Foundation Semester, students are strategically placed in teams of four or five. Together, these students will complete numerous projects and presentations in almost every area of business: Marketing, Finance, PMC, Computer Skills, and Business Perspectives & Applications, throughout the first semester of the business major's program. While teams may have their ups and downs throughout the semester, many students find this immersive experience to be their favorite in the business program.

At the Team Launch, each team is given a student mentor to guide them through the team-building process. The mentor is a student who has already completed the Integrated Foundation Semester and their role is to lead the group through a team building exercises, focusing on positive team experiences.