[PAST EVENT] Alumni Webinar: Myths & Misconceptions About Virtual Work with Professor Jeanne Wilson    

January 18, 2017
12pm - 1pm
Myths and Misconceptions About Virtual Work:
What you can do to improve your chances of success
Presented by Jeanne Wilson
Brooks George Professor of Organizational Behavior
Close to 80% of employees report that they work in dispersed teams most of the time. Unfortunately, effective management practice hasn?t kept up with the spread of this form of organizing. Organizations waste millions of dollars implementing systems that don?t effectively support virtual work and ignore easy practices that would actually help. We will dispatch some of the most prevalent myths and recommend easy-to-implement best practices.
Participants will:
? Learn about 3 big myths that persist in the management of virtual workers
? Leave with 4 practical tips they can use to better support their virtual workers and teams


Contact [[m|eliza.parrish, Eliza Parrish]] for more information.Visit {{http://mason-wm.adobeconnect.com/alumniwebinar/, AdobeConnect}} to attend the webinar.