[PAST EVENT] Bahrain and the UAE?Business & Innovation in the Arabian Gulf

March 2, 2018 - March 11, 2018
Location not specified
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No region in the world is quite like the Middle East. Its climate, rapid growth and culture can be found nowhere else on the globe. Many of its cities are growing in terms of commerce, hospitality and influence. For business and industry in the GCC, innovation is at the top of the agenda as they work to become a region that greatly influences global business. This global immersion course for full time and part time MBA students will closely examine Innovation in the Middle East, in particular in the Arabian Gulf island countries of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. The primary objectives of the course include, 1) Understanding innovation and how various cultures, companies and organizations approach and embrace it, 2) Gaining an understanding and appreciation of the culture in Bahrain and the UAE, in particular the cities of Manama (Bahrain?s largest city with a population of 154,000) and Dubai (the largest city in the UAE with 2.6 million people), and 3) Experiencing a cultural immersion in a region of the world that is incredibly unique.

Travel will take place over Spring Break and will be inclusive of company meetings, site visits and cultural excursions. Required classes will be held on consecutive Saturdays prior to the travel. Spring semester credit: 1.5 hours.

Course Instructor: Dean Ken White

Course Manager: Amanda Barth