[PAST EVENT] Lecture by Prof Tomo Sasaki: "History, Unevenness, and Urban Space in Japanese Cinema: A Case Study"

March 30, 2017
3:40pm - 5pm
Washington Hall, Room 315
241 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

This presentation examines the intersection between historical narratives and cinema. Postwar Japanese history is often narrated as a story of the great success of the nation?s capitalist economy. This narrative is prescriptive in that it dictates how people should perceive the past (and the present). In this lecture, Professor Tomoyuki Sasaki will discuss Kawashima Yuzo?s film Suzaki Paradise Red Light, released in 1956, at the onset of high-speed economic growth. This film participated in the contemporary discussion of the transformation that Japan?s capitalism was experiencing at that time, revealing its disquieting and contradictory nature. At the broader theoretical level, the presenter also considers the multiple possibilities that popular culture offers for narrating historical events