[PAST EVENT] Applied Science Seminar: Robert Butera, PhD, PE

November 26, 2018
4pm - 5pm
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Speaker: Robert Butera, PhD, PE

Title: "Challenges and applications using kHz stimulation frequencies to block nerve conduction."

Abstract: The use of frequencies from 5-70 kHz to block peripheral and autonomic nerve conduction has gained increased attention in recent years. In this talk I will review recent work from our lab over the past decade focusing on understanding what types of nerves are blocked at these frequencies and how to block them more effectively via better electrode designs. I will conclude with two recent or ongoing examples from our lab: the neuromodulation of inflammatory responses and preliminary results on the neuromodulation of glucose metabolism. If time permits, I may also discuss the back story of how my lab came to pursue this line of research, as it highlights the importance of comparative animal modes and the role of serendipity in laboratory research.