[PAST EVENT] Estuary Research: Engaging the 5 Senses

April 1, 2021
Online via Zoom
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Join us to learn about exciting research at three National Estuarine Research Reserves (NERRs) in the Mid-Atlantic Region: Chesapeake Bay - Virginia, Delaware, and Jacques Cousteau. Experts will share work representing each of the five senses (plus a bonus "sixth" sense!), followed by breakout rooms to ask questions and network. The goal is to highlight NERRs research in the region, connect practitioners, and inspire collaborative research.

Presentations and Speakers:

Sound - Using underwater robots to track animals via SONAR, passive and active acoustic telemetry, passive listening, and doppler shift navigation aids - Dr. Thomas Grothues, Jacques Cousteau NERR

Sight - Monitoring ecosystem change with time series photographs collected via a citizen science fixed photo station and a near-surface remote sensing technique - Dr. Kari St. Laurent, Delaware NERR

Touch - Using the Cold Stun Alert System to identify when water temperature conditions at sites in Virginia and South Carolina are too cold for trout - David Parrish, Chesapeake Bay - Virginia NERR

Taste - Evaluating effectiveness of covering clam seed with shell hash for protecting hard clam farms from cownose ray predation, using hydrophones to detect ray behavior - Dr. Daphne Munroe, Jacques Cousteau NERR

Smell - Investigating the biological, chemical, and physical drivers of organic matter decomposition within a tidal marsh in the context of carbon storage and processing - Derek Detweiler, Chesapeake Bay - Virginia NERR

Plus a "sixth" sense in estuary research from Elisabeth Powell, Delaware NERR. Join to find out!


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