[PAST EVENT] Islam Awareness Week

March 17, 2014 - March 25, 2014
See full description for event locations
Monday 3/17- Kickoff
Sadler Terrace 11am-2pm and 5-6pm
Come learn about the week's events and get your questions answered. Don't forget to pick up your Hijab Challenge pin and take your Fast-a-thon participation pledge!
Close out the day by attending our Halaqa/Discussion at 7pm in Washington 201 on the creation of humanity according to Islam.

Tuesday 3/18- Hijab Challenge + Modesty Discussion featuring hijab for men
7pm in Chesapeake A
Ladies, get creative and put on your favorite scarf and step into the shoes of a Muslim woman wearing a hijab! Come learn more about hijab, share your experiences with us and get your questions answered.
Gentlemen, get involved in the discussion by sharing your thoughts on hijab and learn more about the code of modesty for men in Islam.

Wednesday 3/19- Syria: Behind the Lines
Documentary screening sponsored by Professor Bishara
7pm in Small 110

Thursday 3/20- Prophet Storytelling
7pm in Tidewater A
Come learn about the stories of Prophets Muhammad, Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Esa (Jesus), and Musa (Moses).

Tuesday 3/25- Fast-a-thon! Co-sponsored by Oxfam and Stop Hunger Now
7pm in Tidewaters A & B ( Doors open at 6:30pm)
Try fasting from sunrise to sunset and join us for a complimentary dinner and exploration of fasting and the issue of hunger. The Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Department will pledge $2 for every participant and all proceeds will go to Syria through Islamic Relief. So be part of a larger cause!

**Bring your spare change to each event to donate to Syrian Relief.
* Some Religious Studies and Arabic Department classes offer extra credit for these events, so just ask your professor.

[[Maab Yasin]]