[PAST EVENT] Lecture: "Strengthening Our Position as a Destination for International Students and Scholars

March 29, 2011
School of Education, Holly Room
301 Monticello Ave
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
Eduardo Ochoa, President Obama's Assistant Secretary for Post-secondary Education, will visit the College of William & Mary on Tuesday, March 29. As part of his visit, he will give a talk entitled "Strengthening the Position of the U.S. As a Destination for International Students and Scholars." Tying together the fields of public policy, international relations, and higher education policy, he will address the emergence of new players in the international higher education arena and the competition they provide for U.S. higher education, the U.S. response to the Bologna Process, and offer broader conversation about learning outcomes and productivity.

[[sjsech, Steve Sechrist, Director of ISSP]]