[PAST EVENT] Sociology Department Social Justice Policy Initiative

April 9, 2021
2pm - 3pm
Location not specified

Join us to learn about Sociology students’ community-based research

Friday April 9, 2021 from 2-3pm Zoom: https://cwm.zoom.us/j/2088472654

• Amber Bowman and Morgan Pincombe, “Food Apartheid in Grove”

• Jordyn Hodge, “The Limits of Educational Integration”

• Miranda Huffer, “Rent Court: Observing Virginia's Eviction Hearings”

• Sonia Kinkhabwala and Abby Boyce, “The Local Black Histories Project”

• Kibiriti Majuto, “Equity during a Pandemic: Envisioning Educational Justice”

• Kersey Neal, “Visualizing Equity: Graphic Design for Community Solidarity”

• Emma Schmidt, “Safer at Home? Virginia Evictions Filings during the Pandemic”

• Kailyn Small, “Community-Driven Research with the NAACP” and “Mapping the RVA Eviction Crisis”

• Mya White, “Empowering Inter-Generational, Community-Driven Research”

• Leah Wright, “Primetime in Real Time”


Debra Eck