[PAST EVENT] Did You Hear That? A Guide to Sound Effects and Design - Ted Hogeman ‘09

March 22, 2021
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The screaming engine of a TIE fighter. The roar of a Tyrannosaurus. The *shing* of a swinging blade. Sound effects and design are a key part of our experience of a movie. This workshop will show you a peek behind the curtain at the art of sound design, providing a zoology of various sound effects, how to find them or make them yourself, and how it’s not always about what sounds real, it’s about what sounds right.

Ted Hogeman is a production sound mixer and filmmaker based in Washington DC. He’s done sound design for numerous short films (including What’s Out There?, screening at the Global Film Festival), and recently finished sound mixing and designing on his first full length feature film, Kringle Time. He got his start in media production at William and Mary’s Charles Reeder Media Center, and is a frequent contributor and team leader on various 24 hour and 48 hour film projects.