[PAST EVENT] I Have a Spreadsheet for That: Production Management - Stephanie Faucher  ‘16

March 22, 2021
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Most people won’t know what a Production Manager is unless they are in the industry themselves or know someone who is one. Yet, it is by far the most vital department for any film. Why? Well… they make sure you get paid, fed, get that random little prop for that one shot, help get the actor you so desperately want, oh you need a new location tomorrow? Yeah, we’re on it. A film’s whole logistical machine starts and ends with Production Managers (and their countless spreadsheets). In this workshop, we will explore the little-known but essential role of Production Managers.

Stephanie will share what the role entails weaving generic responsibilities with personal “you had to do what?!” stories (ask her about filming with live mice in a restaurant kitchen) and tips & tricks of the trade. Ending with a team exercise where we break down a scene to get a little hands-on experience.

Stephanie Faucher is currently a Production Coordinator in TV. Her work consists of being: a Production Coordinator on Docs for Netflix (Alien Worlds), HBO Max (Persona), Apple TV, BBC2, and Channel 4, Producing & PMing Shorts, and being a Production Consultant for shorts & online series. As a Third Culture Person, Stephanie is someone who has grown up all over the World and experienced a wide variety of cultures to the fullest. Her aim is to tell stories of the little sectors of cultures we readily pass by and don’t think about twice.