[PAST EVENT] Generating Characters Through Language and Line - Amanda L. Andrei ‘10

March 24, 2021
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Let’s make a character. Or a bunch of characters! Or maybe flesh out an existing character. Either way, get ready to write! And doodle. We’ll use playwriting, screenwriting, and cartooning prompts to break down language and line, getting you on your way to creating weird/wild/wonderful characters for your stories, no matter what medium they exist in. Plan to walk away with some newly generated writing and additional creative tools to jumpstart your writing process.

Amanda L. Andrei is an award-winning Filipina Romanian American playwright currently residing in Los Angeles by way of Virginia/Washington DC. Her plays are epic, irreverent, and medicinal and include Culture Night, Lena Passes By, and Black Sky. She is a member of the Echo Young Playwrights Group, the Vagrancy Writers Group, and Dramatists Guild of America. www.amandalandrei.com