[PAST EVENT] "8" the play for equal rights by Academy Award Winner Dustin Lance Black

November 30, 2012
8pm - 10pm
Phi Beta Kappa (PBK) Memorial Hall, PBK Main Theatre
601 Jamestown Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
The College of William and Mary has been the go-to place for theatre and art spectacles of all kinds since 1702. After three centuries, it still boasts one of the most prestigious drama programs in the nation. Every year, the College hosts dozens of shows and performances, with teams of dedicated faculty and students both on-stage, as well as behind the curtain.

Already, with the first semester drawing to a close, numerous plays have been shown at the William and Mary theatre. One of the remaining numbers to be performed is simply titled "8." Written by Dustin Lance Black, this piece of history-on-stage follows the groundbreaking court decision, boldly proclaiming that marriage should be available to all--even between members of the same sex. Today (two years later) the case has still not been finalized.

A group of students banded together to make this dream a reality, and to unashamedly tell the world of their stance on equality, fairness and love. In a few short weeks, they were transformed into a full production team, reaching out to members of the community, as well as prevalent figures within the College, to help "8" reach the stage. Francis Tanglao-Aguas, their professor and executive producer, explains, "In producing "8" with my students, I aim to exhibit our experiential pedagogy where our students engage theatre in all its components, learning first-hand its power to ask the difficult questions while creating a safe space for the community to collectively discuss its future."

Many of these students entered the project team with little or no experience in the realm of theatre or professional production "but you know what they say about William and Mary students: they learn fast. Within a very short time, they had each found their calling within the team and began work at a furious pace. "8" has definitely been a unique experience," co-associate producer Lauren Goldfarb comments, "not many freshmen can say they helped put together such a groundbreaking project on their campus as "8" the play. But also, it's been an invaluable one, as we get the chance to experimentally delve into the real world of producing as a career."

"8" will be performed as a staged reading at the William and Mary Phi Beta Kappa Hall on Friday, November 30. The entire team of students, faculty and volunteers invite you to come witness a moment in history when discrimination was put on trial.

"8" the play is made possible by the generous support of the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity, Women's Studies, Africana Studies, iPAX and the Department of Theatre, Speech & Dance.

About Company 152

Company 152 is composed entirely of William and Mary students enrolled in Francis Tanglao-Aguas' THEA152W: Introduction to Theatre Freshman Seminar class. Most of these students met each other for the first time in August, but now they coordinate together on a regular basis as a student-led production team.

Contact: company152productions@gmail.com