[PAST EVENT] Take Back the Net: A Virtual Rally for Healing and Support Across the Commonwealth

April 7, 2020
7pm - 9pm
Webinar: www.tinyurl.com/TakeBackTheNetVA or https://cwm.zoom.us/j/652981691
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  • Open to the public
We start supporting survivors by believing them.
We start supporting survivors by believing them.

Under the wellness guidelines of "physically distant and socially just," college and university faculty & staff, counselors & public health experts, women's centers & counseling centers, veterans & active duty, and students & alumnx across the campus or across the Commonwealth have worked for weeks to create a trauma-informed evening that will support many students in their noble transition from victim to survivor to thriver. This will also be a space for activists to unite at a time when our higher education institutions are facing concurrent pandemics of virulence and violence. 

Though this space is by no means ideal for everyone, the aforementioned trauma-informed organizers from multiple institutions (e.g., Averett, James Madison, Project Horizon, Radford, the United States Marine Corps, University of Mary Washington, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, Virginia Action Alliance, Virginia State, Virginia Tech, William & Mary, Washington & Lee, and more) have taken as multiple precautions to make this Zoom Webinar as safe as possible and s free from dissidents as possible. You will encounter powerful stories of healing from students and alumnx, so if such an event would have meaning and purpose to you, please add yourself to the growing number of Virginians who will be present this Tuesday evening, and even though your camera will be off, we invite you to change your screen name to show where you are from or what brought you there. Or change it to something secret, so that you can hide and take solitude among those present.  

If you are interested in advancing your activism through upstream, evidence-informed, age-appropriate, and trauma-informed initiatives, please contact [[w|emcascone, Liz Cascone]] who is organizing a private space for action immediately following tonight's event.

William & Mary students will be able to receive support through the Haven  by clicking here. 

Tonight's event will be Closed Captioned for the hearing impaired through funding from the Office of Health Promotion. 

If you or somebody you know has been sexually assaulted, please know that there are resources for you. The National Sexual Assault Hotline is 800.656.HOPE and their online chat is useful for persons with deafness, hearing impairments, ESL, and especially for those who may want to communicate without being heard or questioned about their use of earphones.

Finally, we know that with all that is going on in our lives - from sexual assault to lost income to the loneliness of self-isolation, you may need to reach out for help about these or other overwhelming issues. The 24-hour National Suicide Lifeline is 800.273.TALK (en EspaƱol 888.628.9454), and veterans can choose Option 1. You can also text the word HOME to 741741, if texting is a more comfortable option.  


For more information or if you'd like a virtual candle to use for your Zoom profile photo, please contact [[w|emgarrison, the Chair of the Virginia Campus Taskforce.]]