[PAST EVENT] The Crisis of Global Liberalism in Open Societies

November 5, 2019
2pm - 3:30pm
Sadler Center, Commonwealth Auditorium
200 Stadium Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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  • Open to the public
The Crisis of Global Liberalism
The Crisis of Global Liberalism

Reset DOC and Reset Dialogues in partnership with William & Mary conclude their conference -- "Resetting Liberalism" -- with this roundtable discussion by five of today's most respected and knowledgeable political scientists. Panelists are: Sheri Berman, Professor of Political Science, Barnard College, Columbia University; Jose Casanova, Professor in the Department of Sociology and Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Georgetown University; M. Steven Fish, Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley; Jenny White, Professor of Turkish Studies, Stockholm University Institute for Turkish Studies; and Stephen Hanson, Vice Provost for International Affairs and Director of the Reves Center.

Reset Dialogues on Civilizations (Reset DOC) is an international association based in Milan founded in 2004 committed to research, seminars, and publications on cross-cultural and international relations, cultural and religious pluralism, advancements of human rights, the evolution of democracy in different civilizational environments. These goals have been pursued and will be achieved by:

  • Generating Scientific Insights on Cultural Pluralism;
  • Analyzing The Root Causes of Cultural, Religious and Ethnic Conflicts;
  • Connecting Different Cultural Viewpoints in Scholarly Research; and
  • Promoting Culture of Pluralism, Toleration, Human Rights. 

Reset Dialogues is an American non-profit organization created in 2009
to promote cultural and religious pluralism, the rule of law and human rights in various contexts. Initially established to support its Italian partner organization, Reset Dialogues now works together with ResetDOC to commission and publish research in the human and social sciences and to convene conferences at American universities, in addition to administering the annual Seminars and School on Pluralism in North Africa. 

Reset DOC also publishes an online journal, resetdoc.org, specialized in issues related to cross-cultural relations and dialogue, including essays, analyses, conference proceedings and video interviews with top international thinkers.