[PAST EVENT] Race Based Traumatic Stress: An Invitation to Processing, Connecting, and Healing

June 2, 2020
5:15pm - 6:30pm
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Invitation to Process, Connect, and Heal
Invitation to Process, Connect, and Heal

In the wake of the death of George Floyd last week, the William & Mary Counseling Center would like express and offer particular support to students who identify as Black/African-American.

We understand that recent and past incidents of law enforcement mistreatment, abuse, and violence against black individuals/communities has had an increasingly negative emotional impact on many of you and that you may be trying to find different ways to cope with the injustice toward black people in our country. 

Clinicians from the William & Mary Counseling Center have scheduled a Zoom meeting to create a space to process the events, the different reactions experienced, and where students can support one another. Graduate and undergraduate students are welcomed. 

In order to accommodate students’ needs, the meeting will be limited to 30 students. Students seeking support are asked to click on this RSVP link to reserve space within the meeting room. Additional Zoom calls will be scheduled during the week, if needed.  


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