[PAST EVENT] Battle to the Ballot Box: The Fight Against Voter Suppression 

October 19, 2020
4pm - 5pm
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Voter suppression, harsh voter ID laws, and voter disenfranchisement are on the rise. How does this affect primaries and United States' most-watched election?

The Charles Center, in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, present Brittany Gibson, who will discuss voter suppression in the U.S.—and the people who are fighting back against it.

Brittany Gibson will share her reporting on the many varieties of voter suppression and disenfranchisement that impact U.S. elections. Brittany will share how policies are impacting people's ability to vote across the country, what people are doing to fight back in their local communities, and tips for taking action yourself.

Brittany Gibson is a journalist who is currently a Writing Fellow at The American Prospect magazine in Washington, D.C. She previously interned with the New York Daily News and CNN International in London. Her work covers varying subjects and beats, but all her stories originate from an innate sense of curiosity about how the world works and a desire to share people's stories.

You can read some of Brittany's stories before the event:

The Many Varieties of Voter Suppression

Still Marching to Secure the Right to Vote


Chelsie Craddock, Charles Center