[PAST EVENT] "A Woman Doctor's and then Dean's Story: They Told Me I Should Stay at Home"

February 20, 2015
4pm - 6pm
Other people's demands or expectations can not only inform your decisions but can change your whole life. It is important to learn how to acknowledge the impact of others' wishes and perceptions on your own life defining decisions.

When we make decisions there are many factors which go into those decisions like others' expectations of us (most especially family, friends, religious beliefs, cultural norms-or our perception of cultural norms).

There are many ways that our own inner beings (selfhood, spiritual center, Freudian superego, subconscious) make our decisions for us.

We may even harbor unconscious biases about the kinds of people we do or don't want to become (Mr. Gemeda will speak about that at a later date).

What means do we have of overcoming some of these obstacles to make our best life-affirming decisions and when are these factors listed above not even obstacles?

A short reading from Susan Mates' Laundry and a short story of my own.

[[btshe, Dr. Bev Sher]], Professor of Biology and pre-med advisor btsher@wm.edu [[jmbrax, Dr. Joanne M. Braxton]], Professor of English and Africana Studies [[wfglov, Dr. Chon Glover]], Chief Diversity Officer