[PAST EVENT] Feel the Thunder of Our Choices: A Call for Male-Identified Individuals to Respect Bodily Integrity

November 7, 2016
7pm - 8:15pm
Wren Chapel

Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location

We know survivors; we also know that some of us are survivors.

We know perpetrators; we also know that male-identified persons are more likely to disrespect the bodily integrity of all sexes and genders in ways that are as unethical as they are criminal.

We know that we are better than this, and deep down inside we know that the solution to end those acts of violence lies not in teaching one sex or gender to defend itself from all the others, but rather in creating a culture where rapists cease raping and potential rapists never start.

If we weren't aware of that fact, the time has come to make ourselves aware.

The time is now. 

If you identify yourself as a male within the William & Mary community, please join us for this important dialogue and its charge to act with beauty and courage.

Let us assume our blame; let us grow in a common hope; and let us help each other build our capacity to choose wisely, so that this world becomes a happier, healthier, safer space for all its inhabitants. 

About our facilitator, Eric Garrison, MAEd '94, MSc (London), DLSHTM, CSC, ACS:

Garrison currently serves as one  of our Assistant Directors of Health Promotion and the Chair of the Virginia Campus Task Force. An international consultant and speaker in clinical and forensic sexology ("Our highest praises," Oxford University), a best selling author, our first instructor of Masculinity Studies here at the College, and a former sexuality counselor with the Masters & Johnson Institute, Garrison will channel his inner Paolo Freire to guide us from a place of awareness to one of action. 


Please email [[w|emgarrison, Eric Garrison]] or ring him up on 757.221.7369.