[PAST EVENT] Off with the Masc: A 2020 Vision for William & Mary's Men, Persons Masc of Center, and Their Friends

February 12, 2020
7pm - 8:30pm
Sadler Center, Commonwealth
200 Stadium Dr
Williamsburg, VA 23185Map this location
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  • Open to the public
This engaging workshop is open to all
This engaging workshop is open to all

You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it. Alan Moore

Toxic masculinity benefits nobody - particularly those who sustain it. In this dynamic workshop, unleash your inner Paulo Freire and help nudge our campus community to a place free from toxic expressions of our gender identities, expectations, expressions, and roles.

Wouldn't it be wonderful, if more boys, men, and other people:

  • Acknowledged that we are all sexual beings from womb to tomb (even those who identify as asexual and/or aromantic)
  • Advocated for others who both valued and could grow from their care and support according to the "Platinum Rule"
  • Benefited from the love and touch from others who identify as "male" - all without judgement or ridicule
  • Built relationships (with themselves and others) based on authentic values rather than on superficial ones
  • Cared equally for, provided safety to and were emotionally present  for children of all sexes and genders - in their roles as fathers, grandparents, uncles, teachers, coaches, and religious leaders
  • Created beauty rather than demolish it
  • Lived an authentic life where they went well beyond clarifying their values and emotions...they embraced and honored them
  • Loved their bodies no matter how much or how little ability, hair, libido, melanin, muscles, smarts, stamina, symmetry, or wrinkles they had
  • Managed their anger and grew in the knowledge that anger is never permission for violence
  • Realized that seeking sensible support shows strength 
  • Respected body integrity
  • Slept more and stressed less
  • Talked about sexual values and desires (theirs and their partners') in ways that would help all parties feel respected and understood, and if sex followed that conversation, it would be mutually consensual, equally pleasurable, and most certainly transformative  

The evening is neither the beginning nor the end, the appetizer nor the dessert for this work. We must all advance our knowledge, our skills, and our intentional commitment to some degree forward, to realize this aspirational world; and some of that work can take place on 12 February at 7 PM.

About the facilitator...

As a builder of brave spaces for "hard and right" conversations, Eric Garrison '94 began his sexuality career with Masters & Johnson, consulted with fraternities and NCAA teams, and taught the university's first course in Masculinity Studies. He has lectured on healthy sexuality from Oxford, Mississippi, to Oxford University, and from the CDC to NASA. In addition to serving as one of our Assistant Directors of Health Promotion, Eric also chairs both the Virginia Campus Task Force to End Sexual Violence and the Sex Counselor Certification Committee of AASECT.  


Please call 757.221.7369 or email [[w|emgarrison,Eric]] if you have any questions.